Apple likely to be forced to return the charger with the iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 hasn't even gone on sale in Brazil yet, and the country's local consumer protection regulator has already said it's going to investigate Apple's decision to sell the iPhone charger separately.

This isn't the first time a regulator has chased Apple for a decision to sell an iPhone charger separately. Earlier this year, Brazilian consumer protection regulator based in São Paulo state fined Apple $ 2 million for misleading advertising, selling a device without a charger, and unfair terms. And last December, Apple was forced to return the chargers to the iPhone 12 boxes in Brazil.

Procon-SP, the state consumer protection agency for the state of São Paulo, said it was illegal to sell the phone and charger separately because the customer is required to buy two products. The regulator also claims that companies must inform customers in detail about changes in their products, in this case, about the absence of a charger: If the information is hidden, this is also a violation of the law."

Procon-SP is investigating a class action lawsuit to help any buyer who thinks Apple should provide them with a charger for free. Given the way the local authorities made decisions in previous cases, there is no doubt that everything will go according to the same scenario with the iPhone 13.

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