Apple says that it's ok to use iPad mini 6 with Jelly Screen

Since the small Apple iPad mini 6 hit stores last week, users around the world have started reporting a strange jelly-screen problem. Due to the fact that part of the display is updated at a slow speed, there are obvious slowdowns on the screen.

However, as it turned out, this is not a problem at all. According to the official statement, Apple believes that the screen is fine and that this behavior is expected for LCD panels. It was assumed that this is some kind of software error, but the company claims that this effect when scrolling on LCD screens is the norm. Apple clarifies that LCD panels are "refreshed line by line," which is what causes delays between lines.

Contrary to what Apple says, the "jelly scrolling" effect is negligible and difficult to see on other iPad 60Hz LCD models, including the iPad Air 4. Notably, many devices with third-party LCD panels do not have this effect either. Problems.

However, after Apple's announcement, iPad mini 6 users cannot expect to be repaired or replaced and will have to put up with this effect. For users who cannot survive this feature, the only option is to return the item within 14 days of purchase.

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