Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch is very difficult to manufacture

Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatches can linger to get better. Or because they get better. In any case, sources say that the start of production of the new item has been postponed due to the difficulties caused by the new design. 

Recall that the new generation of Apple watches should become a little larger, as well as get a new design in the style of the iPhone 12, that is, with smooth edges. 

Apple partners started small-scale production of the Watch Series 7 last week, but immediately ran into serious problems. Three sources at once said that the situation is due to the complexity of the watch design. As a result, production was suspended.  

Difficulties are connected, among other things, with a multitude of sensors, as the watch should receive new functions. Reference is made in particular to a blood pressure sensor.  

Apple originally planned to start mass production in mid-September. It is not yet clear whether the company's partners will be able to cope with the difficulties, so the release of the watch may be postponed.  

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