Blood pressure measurement using smart watches

Millions of people around the world suffer from high blood pressure. There is no doubt that exceeding the level of blood pressure to its maximum limits may be dangerous for any person. That's why smartwatches started trying to provide reliable systems to measure it. The first diligence on the part of Samsung. Which started to support blood pressure measurement in the previous generation. It is a feature that works in a large number of countries, but it does not work in a larger number, as it requires health approvals.

Other smartwatch manufacturers are starting to take an interest in this. Fitbit published a study on the matter in April, while Apple has also started working on a similar system, according to leaks and reports. There is no doubt that having a feature like this in smartwatches will be of great help. Especially since some people with high or low blood pressure need to keep track of their levels throughout the day.

Smartwatches, specifically the Samsung watch, rely on measuring blood pressure through light sensors. And through which the level of pressure is measured, and according to Dr. Wendy Mendes from the University of California San Francisco, this is a very big update. This is in light of the fact that it is working with Samsung to develop this technology.

Samsung's method relies on an indicator known as pulse transit time. It is an indicator that expresses the period between the contraction of the heart and the arrival of the pulse to one of the body's organs, which is the wrist in this case.

The faster the pulse arrives, the narrower and tighter the blood vessels, and the optical/optical sensors in the watch can detect how wide or narrow the blood vessels are as well. Since the main dependence is on the heartbeat, the watch benefits from its first ability to measure the number of heartbeats, in addition to the watch's ability to measure stress levels and stress.

Smartwatches can compare stress levels from time to time, but they will not be able to produce accurate numbers about those rates. In general, Samsung recommends resetting the pressure gauge feature every month, using a conventional pressure gauge.

These characteristics still face a large number of challenges. Experts believe that it is only reliable in tracking the extent of high or low blood pressure and not in obtaining an accurate reading. As these devices may help the user if he feels that his pressure is too high, but they will not help him know exactly how high it is.

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