Canon confirms the EOS R3 is not a flagship camera

Sonder Creative has posted an interview with a Canon at the photography exhibition in Birmingham. A Canon spokesperson has confirmed that the Canon EOS R3 mirrorless camera is not a flagship model. Surpassing other models of the EOS R mirrorless line in many respects, in terms of endurance and security, it is slightly inferior to the flagship Canon EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR model.

A significant part of the conversation was devoted to the work of the automatic focusing system. In particular, the manufacturer's representative spoke about the vehicle recognition function. Its work is based on deep learning technologies. A neural network trained on "thousands and thousands" of images is capable of detecting cars and motorcycles in the frame. Recognition is carried out even at a great distance, at different angles, and in low light conditions. If there are several cars in the frame, priority is given to the one that is closer to the center, but the user, of course, can help the automation and indicate the desired focus point. If the vehicle gets close enough to the photographer that the helmet on the driver's head becomes visible (it could be a motorcyclist or a rally car pilot), autofocus will switch to him.

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