China's cloud infrastructure market grows 54% over the year

The Chinese cloud infrastructure market is growing rapidly. This is the conclusion reached by the specialists of the analytical company Canalys, who prepared the corresponding report for the second quarter of 2021. According to their calculations, this market grew by 54% over the year and reached $ 6.6 billion.

The fastest growing at 92% was Tencent Cloud, which accounted for nearly 19% of total cloud infrastructure spending in China. It is inferior to Alibaba Cloud and Huawei Cloud, whose indicators are 19.3% and 33.8%, respectively, but noticeably ahead of Baidu AI Cloud (7.8%). Four Chinese cloud giants dominate the market. Their cumulative growth was 56%, and by the end of the quarter they accounted for 80% of total cloud spending.

The source said demand for cloud services remains strong as digital transformation, artificial intelligence and smart industries remain on the corporate and government agendas.

It remains to add that Canalys defines cloud infrastructure services as services that provide infrastructure as a service and platform as a service - both in a dedicated private infrastructure and in a shared one. This does not include software-as-a-service costs, but includes revenue generated from infrastructure services used to deploy and operate such solutions.

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