China's Tesla unveils a robot horse

Yesterday, the Chinese company Xpeng Motors, which in the Middle Kingdom is called the "Chinese Tesla" because of its electric vehicles, published a teaser image of a mysterious new product, and today this product is completely declassified. It turned out that Xpeng created ... a robotic horse! The creators describe the device as "the world's first intelligent robotic horse that you can ride."

Xpeng said in a post that this "intelligent robot is designed around the architecture of a four-legged robot - with multidimensional perception of the environment, fluid movements and intelligent emotional interaction capabilities." When creating the robot, the designers were inspired by the image of ... a unicorn. And then there is a smart control system of the type that is used in cars: with cameras and lidars.

The robot is intended more for children than for adults, but it can also be used to transport goods - there is even a small trough for this, which is installed on the back. The intelligent system provides self-charging of the robot - when the charge level drops to the minimum, such a "horse" will go to the charging station itself.

Xpeng did not name the cost of the robot horse and did not say when the device will go on sale, but it is reported that it will still be finalized. So, at best, sales will start next year.

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