Deepcool AK620 CPU cooling system weighs 1.45 kg

Deepcool introduced the AK620 processor cooling system. Its construction includes a base, which is connected to two blocks of aluminum plates by six heat pipes with a diameter of 6 mm. The base and tubes are made of copper and nickel plated, and the plate blocks are recessed to ensure compatibility with memory modules located close to the processor socket.

The radiator has two 120mm FDB fans. Their rotation speed is regulated in the range of 500-1850 rpm using PWM. Productivity reaches 117.3 m 3 / h, static pressure - 2.19 mm water column.

The product is 160 mm high and weighs 1.45 kg. It is designed for use with Intel LGA 1200, LGA115x and LGA2066 processors as well as AMD AM4 processors. The source does not quote the price.

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