DSCC experts expect Samsung foldable smartphone production to grow more than 250% this year

In the first seven days of availability of the new foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, 920,000 pre-orders were received in South Korea alone, according to Samsung Electronics. This is even more than previously reported. However, the majority of pre-orders - about 70% - fell on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 model.

Noting that the level of interest in the new devices is much higher than in their predecessors, the source tried to estimate the release volumes of Samsung's foldable smartphones this year. He proceeded from the data for the summer months of the current year and the past. Production is expected to surpass 1 million units per month this month alone, so pre-orders of more than 1 million units in just one week will result in some delays in shipping. All in all, this year Samsung will release 7.2 million devices, which is 251% more than last year.

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