EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Battery Raised $ 11.5 Million

In less than a day, the fundraising campaign for the EcoFlow Delta Pro portable battery will be completed on the KickStarter website. This is a development of a project that has already proven its viability. Roughly two years ago , the EcoFlow Delta portable battery pack raised over $ 2.8 million . The amount collected now exceeds $ 11.5 million.

The battery capacity is 3600 Wh, and the maximum power consumption is claimed to be 4500 W. Like the original model, there are four "international" power outlets for connecting the load (in the US version there are five sockets), two USB-A ports of 12 W each, two USB-A ports of 18 W and two USB-C ports, designed to a load of 100 watts. In addition, there is a 126W car power outlet and two 38W DC5521 connectors. To charge the battery, you can use a household power supply, a solar panel, a car, a gasoline generator, or a charger at an electric vehicle charging station.

The Delta Pro uses LiFePO 4 batteries . After 3500 charge-discharge cycles, the battery retains 80% of its original capacity, after 6500 - 50%. With dimensions of 63.5 x 28.5 x 41.6 cm, the battery weighs 45 kg.

Alongside the Delta Pro, there is a 2016Wh Delta Max battery, optional external battery packs, a generator, solar panel and several accessories for specific use cases.

New EcoFlow products allow you to expand the capabilities of the home electrical network, provide power to electrical appliances during a power outage and while traveling.

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