EIZO Condor XR1 Card Powered by Dual Nvidia Turing RTX GPUs

EIZO Rugged Solutions, which makes, among others, ruggedized graphics cards, has introduced a product called the Condor XR1. This is an OpenVPX 6U form factor expansion card for HPC and GPGPU based on Nvidia Turing RTX architecture. There are two types of cards available. One is built on two Nvidia RTX 5000 GPUs, the other is built on two Nvidia RTX3000 GPUs.

With an RTX 5000 (TU104) GPU, the accelerator configuration includes 6,150 CUDA cores, 768 Tensor cores, and 96 RT cores. Its performance is estimated at 18.98 TFLOPS on 32-bit floating-point operations.

The Condor XR1 supports up to eight DisplayPort ++ video outputs and has dedicated H.264 / H.265 (HEVC) decoders. Each GPU can be individually configured to route to different endpoint configurations, as each PCIe switch also allows paired I / O modules to communicate with the CPU or directly with the GPUs themselves via Nvidia RDMA. The solution is said to be ideal for sensor-intensive applications such as unmanned systems, airborne radars, signal analysis (SIG-INT), electronic warfare (EW), digital signal processing (DSP). It is available in conductive or air-cooled versions and supports PCIe Gen 3.0 (16, 8, or 4 lanes).

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