Europe will transfer smartphones and tablets to a single charging connector

Tomorrow, the European Commission will present a bill that will describe that smartphones, tablets, headsets, and other electronic devices must use universal chargers.

For a long time, senior EU officials and lawmakers have been considering forcing manufacturers to use universal chargers, which will not only protect the environment but also make life easier for users.

It is believed that this decision if adopted, will have the greatest impact on Apple. Her iPhones are still equipped with a Lightning connector, unlike most other phones on the market. Recall that most modern phones have switched to the USB-C connector, which also appeared in some Apple iPads. Apple is already outraged, saying the law could stifle innovation, create a ton of e-waste and irritate consumers.

In 2019, the European Commission conducted a study that showed that in 2018, half of chargers sold in Europe received a Micro-USB connector, 29% used USB-C, and 21% were equipped with a Lightning connector.

The source does not specify what type of unified interface the EU plans to introduce, however, most likely, we are talking about USB-C.

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