Facebook launches two new devices, Portal for video calling

Facebook has unveiled two new versions of its Portal video-calling devices, including the first portable version of the devices, where the Portal Go version can be lifted from the charging base and moved with the user wirelessly for the first time and has a 10-inch screen and 12-megapixel camera megapixels.

It will also be joined by the new Portal + which also has a 12MP camera but has a larger 14-inch screen, and both devices will go on sale on October 19.

Facebook began selling video call centers in the UK in 2019, and like previous versions, the new portals will come with a number of built-in privacy controls to ease any concerns about device security, and both devices can be protected with a screen lock and passcode and include controls to disable the microphone and use Built-in lens hood to virtually block the camera.

In addition to the new devices, Facebook announced a number of updates to the Portal experience, including confirmation that support for Microsoft Teams will begin in December. Up to four other smart devices simultaneously, to Portal.

Meanwhile, the devices will also have a new home mode, which allows the owner to set which apps and different contacts can be accessed by anyone who wants to use the portal, and what should be out of reach for group use, and Facebook confirmed that the Portal Go price The new one will cost £199 and the Portal+ will cost £349.

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