Facebook partners with Ray-Ban to unveil Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

Facebook today officially unveiled a smartwatch created in collaboration with renowned brand Ray-Ban. The novelty is called Ray-Ban Stories and, as many reviewers have already noted, it looks like ordinary glasses, unlike many other similar solutions.

Three frame options, different colors, and different types of glass - Ray-Ban Stories has about 20 exterior options. But what is invariable is that they all turned out to be light and can hardly be distinguished from ordinary analog glasses.

The most noticeable feature of the device is the two cameras spaced apart in the corners. Each uses a 5-megapixel sensor. There are also built-in speakers and a microphone - this allows you to use the glasses for calls via a paired smartphone. Since the glasses allow you to record video and photos everywhere, the developers made sure that this does not happen unnoticed by others: during the shooting, a white LED lights up. Shooting can be started either by pressing the corresponding key or simply by saying the phrase "Hey Facebook, take a video". The built-in memory is enough for storing more than 30 videos of 30 seconds, or approximately 500 photos.

Built-in speakers allow you to listen to music or podcasts, and a touch panel located on the bow allows you to adjust the volume or pause playback.

Autonomy is approximately six hours of periodic use, a full charge is carried out in an hour. The battery in the included case allows you to charge the glasses three times. A Facebook account is required to use glasses, however, the company does not analyze what the user is filming and does not use this data, for example, to display ads. Ray-Ban Stories cost $ 300-380 depending on the glass and exterior.

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