Flat Apple Watch will still be released

A number of rumors earlier this year attributed the Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch to a design similar to the new iPhone and iPad, that is, with flat edges. As we know, the Series 7, although they have changed relative to last year's model, not much and did not receive the stipulated design. However, this could ultimately be the next generation watch.

Several sources after the announcement of the Series 7 stated that the new design will eventually go to the Series 8 model next year. That is, all the leaks and rumors were true, just their authors did not guess with the generation. You can also recall that recently there was information about the postponement of the start of sales of Series 7 due to production problems. It is possible that the flat-sided design was originally approved for the model of the current year, but after that, due to difficulties, Apple decided to postpone its implementation until next year.

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