Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 + will receive significantly smaller batteries than their respective models

It looks like the majority of Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones will receive less capacious batteries than their predecessors. The source claims that the younger Galaxy S22 will be equipped with a cell with a capacity of only 3600-3700 mAh.

More precisely, the nominal capacity of the battery found by the source is indicated as 3590 mAh. For comparison, the Galaxy S21 has a 3880 mAh value with a typical capacity of 4000 mAh. In any case, the difference is rather big, and it is not in favor of the upcoming model.

If the Galaxy S22 does get such a battery, it will probably be the smallest cell of any flagship Android smartphone in recent years.

Recall that the Galaxy S22 + will also receive a reduced capacity battery. Instead of 4800 mAh in the current model, the novelty will be equipped with a 4500 mAh cell. And only the Galaxy S22 Ultra, according to available data, will retain the same 5000 mAh battery capacity.

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