Google Chips: The company decided to advertise its upcoming Pixel 6 smartphones in an unusual way

Google decided to stir up interest in the upcoming announcement of flagship smartphones of the Pixel 6 line in an original way. In Japan, the search giant released chips, and thought out the idea to the smallest detail.

Let's start with the fact that the packaging is made in the design of the upcoming smartphones. There are five color options, taken from both the younger Pixel 6 and the older Pixel 6 Pro.

The very idea of ​​chips is also very interesting. The packaging says Google Original Chips. And on the one hand, this can be translated as "original Google chips", and on the other hand, the translation may look like "original Google chips", and this is already an allusion to SoC Tensor at the heart of upcoming smartphones. Quite possibly, it was on the basis of a play on words that the idea with chips was invented.

Unfortunately, this product will not be available for sale. The company produced 10,000 packages. Those interested could get one for free by filling out the form on the website, but all 10,000 have already been sorted out. It is quite possible that soon they will begin to be sold on various Internet sites.

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