Google told how the Pixel 6 will differ from other flagships

Google has begun developing its own single-chip platform for its smartphones for a reason: in the current SoCs, the company, apparently, is not satisfied with "neural processors" - the accelerators of AI applications. In the proprietary SoC Tensor, the focus is precisely on the engine that provides acceleration of functions and applications of AI and machine learning. Due to this, the Pixel 6 will become a unique smartphone, as follows from the new commercial.

Pixel 6 will become more than just a smartphone - it is a whole system that will learn, develop and adapt to the user. And the new, smarter user experience will be the main difference between the Pixel 6 and other smartphones.

Almost simultaneously with the new video, a static image of the Pixel 6 appeared on the web - it showcases various widgets that will debut in Android 12. Some of them really look out of the box. There is no exact date for the announcement of new Google smartphones yet. The premiere will probably take place in October.

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