Google's first foldable smartphone with a flexible screen might look like featured in huge renders and video

A Twitter user, who often posts conceptual images of various mobile devices, presented his vision of a promising foldable smartphone Google Pixel Fold. There are a lot of rumors about him now: the most daring are predicting the Fold premiere in October. Whether this happens or not is still a question, but if it does, then it would be logical for Google to make the Pixel Fold look like the Pixel 6 this would reduce development time and resources. And it was this idea that Waqar Khan took on board when creating conceptual images.

If the Pixel Fold were like the Pixel 6, it would look something like this. We will leave the issue of such a strongly protruding main camera block for a folding smartphone outside the scope of rendering, but otherwise, this Pixel Fold looks no worse than its main competitor - Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

So far, Pixel Fold is nothing more than rumors. There are no clear indications that this model is actually being prepared by Google. That said, that doesn't mean the company isn't keeping the foldable smartphone option with a flexible crane in mind. Apple is rumored to be working on a foldable smartphone too, but it is unlikely to be released before 2024.

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