GPD Pocket 3 is already in development

GPD is working on yet another ultra-compact laptop. The Pocket 3 is apparently in its early stages of development, but the manufacturer has shared the blueprints.

They allow us to understand that the new model will be all the same compact, while finally getting a touchpad. True, it will be located in an unusual place, but still, it will be. And also a camera will appear. There is neither the first nor the second in the current model.

But the most unusual part is the ability to connect modules to the laptop. There is room for them on the back of the laptop, but there are no details yet which modules will be available. It is quite possible that we are simply talking about different ports. For example, it will be possible to connect a module with a VGA connector, which is still in demand in a number of scenarios. Apparently, the USB connector is intended for connecting modules.

You can also note the presence of two more ports USB, HDMI, USB-C, and RJ45.

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