Hackers created a method for executing malicious code on a GPU Video Cards

It looks like the hackers have found a working way to use GPUs to execute malicious code.  On one of the thematic forums, an unknown person sells proof of concept of the efficiency of a method for protecting malicious code from security systems that scan RAM. For this, the GPU memory buffer is used. 

According to the hacker, the method only works on Windows systems that support at least OpenCL 2.0. The author himself tested the method on integrated Intel UHD 620/630, Radeon RX 5700, GeForce 740M and GTX 1650 GPUs.  

The hacker's message itself appeared on August 8, but on August 25 it became known that the information had been sold.  

It is worth noting that methods of using GPUs to execute malicious code have been developed before, but then these were only concepts created not by hackers, but by scientists.  

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