He unlocked nearly 2 million smartphones and got 12 years in prison

The US District Court sentenced Muhammad Fahd to 12 years in prison for unlocking smartphones for years. To be more precise, at least according to court documents, in seven years he unlocked more than 1.9 million devices blocked for work in AT&T networks. As a result, according to estimates, AT&T lost $ 201.5 million, which is a huge amount even for such a giant.

The beginning of such a specific career of Fahd was laid by a bribe that he gave to an AT&T employee in 2012 in order to obtain a method of unlocking smartphones. Later, Fahd went as far as hiring a specialist to create malware that was embedded into AT&T's system in order to simplify the unlocking process later.

Fahd was charged back in 2017, and in 2018 he was arrested. Fahd is a Pakistani citizen and was living in Hong Kong at the time of his arrest, but was extradited to the United States and eventually pleaded guilty. Interestingly, he continued his work even after learning about the investigation.

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