Hit tablet Xiaomi Pad 5 sold out in Europe in 10 minutes

Xiaomi unveiled the Pad 5 tablet for the European market on September 15th and was scheduled to start sales on September 23rd. It started as planned, but ended quickly: all Pad 5s were sold out in 10 minutes. Thus, the tablet has consolidated its hit status in Europe as well.

In Europe, Xiaomi Pad 5 is much more expensive than in China, but the first buyers could get it with a 25% discount: for 300 euros instead of 400 euros. This is partly the reason for the great demand for the new product: it is hardly possible to buy another device in the Old World, equipped with an 11-inch IPS screen with a frame rate of 120 Hz, 6 GB of RAM, and a Snapdragon 860, for that kind of money.

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