HomePod mini becomes the default Apple TV speaker

Apple's talk during its iPhone 13 lineup event didn't mention HomePods, but that doesn't mean its smart speakers won't get an update this fall. The information indicates that the company is preparing to release an imminent update that will make the smart speaker even more useful, especially if it is part of a larger smart home. The HomePod mini is among the best smart speakers you can buy, thanks to its sound, design, and price

With the update, you can set two or more HomePod mini devices as default speakers for your Apple TV 4K. So you don't have to select it every time you sit down to watch a TV show. You can also lower the bass through the device. So that they will not produce a thunderous sound. But they can save you buying separate smart speakers or expensive speakers.

You also don't have to get close to the smart speaker to use Siri. The update enables Siri voice control through support for HomeKit accessories. And while Apple's smart home ecosystem isn't nearly as large as that of Amazon or Google, this can come in handy if you want to turn the lights on quickly.

Smart home support has become more comprehensive with the release of the new software, with Siri gaining the ability to control smart home devices at a specific time. For example, you can ask him to turn off the smart lights in 10 minutes while you head to bed.

Other improvements are small. But it may be valuable in the right circumstances. And you can ask Siri to turn on your Apple TV, play a movie, and control playback. And you automatically see the playback controls on your iPhone's lock screen if the HomePod mini next to music is on. This makes it easy to tune in to music quickly.

Apple enhances HomePod features

You also receive notifications if compatible HomeKit Secure Video cameras and doorbells detect a package at your door. Siri adjusts the speaking volume based on both the room and your voice, and you can select a lower volume to avoid disturbing people. However, don't assume that you get the spatial audio or lossless audio feature within Apple Music. Both have been tested in the beta version of the new software.

And the release notes don't say that support might be available with version 15. So you'll likely have to wait for another patch for a more comprehensive HomePod audio experience.

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