How many days do you need to work in Russia and other countries to buy an iPhone 13?

We have already published information about which regions of the world have the most expensive and cheapest iPhone 13, but this information, without taking into account the level of income, is not very indicative.

Research organization Money SuperMarket has conducted a new study, taking into account the minimum income level for each country and region, and finding out how many business hours it takes to buy an iPhone 13 equipped with 128GB of storage.

The results show that Apple's Filipino fans will have a harder time than everyone else. Based on the local minimum income level, it takes them 775 working hours to make money on an iPhone 13. With an 8-hour workday, that's 97 days. More than three months without food or water to buy a smartphone from Apple.

In second place was India, whose residents will have to earn 724 hours (90 working days) on the iPhone, followed by Brazil (690.5 hours, 86 working days), Turkey (639.1 hours, 80 working days), Russia (428, 5 hours, 53 business days), Mexico, Thailand and other countries. In China, this figure was 227.1 hours.

In Switzerland, even the lowest-income people in the region can save up to a 128GB iPhone 13 in just 34 business hours. In the US, this will take 49.5 hours.

iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 sell for less than the recommended price , and iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have already risen in price in all stores in China.

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