How much will be the iPhone 12 drop in price after the iPhone 13 announcement?

Resource Decluttr, which helps buy and sell used smartphones and other goods, published a forecast: one month after the release of the iPhone 13, the residual value of used iPhone 12 will decrease by 12%, and after three months - by 20%.

In monetary terms, a month after the announcement of the iPhone 13, the used iPhone 12 should drop in price by $ 40, and the residual value of the iPhone 12 Pro Max will decrease by more than $ 63. In three months, the price reduction will amount to $ 65 and more than $ 100, respectively.

Last year, following the release of the iPhone 12, the residual value of used iPhone 11s dropped 15% in the first month and 20% after three months. Overall, however, the level of retained residual value for Apple smartphones is still quite high. For example, the iPhone 11 fell by an average of only 37% 12 months after release. At the same time, Google Pixel 2 dropped in price by 77%, and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G fell in price by 71%.

Many sources say the iPhone 13 series is likely to be announced on September 14th.

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