How much will it cost to replace the screen on an iPhone 13?

Apple has announced the official cost of replacing screens in all iPhone 13 series smartphones, which were unveiled during a press conferences. So, according to Apple, a screen replacement without a warranty in China will cost:

  • Apple iPhone 13 mini - $ 264
  • Apple iPhone 13 - $ 334
  • iPhone 13 Pro - $ 334
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max - $ 398

For AppleCare + warranty holders, the cost of replacing the screen will be $ 29. These prices are valid if only the screen is damaged. If the body of the smartphone is also damaged, an additional fee will be charged.

In addition, the cost of replacing the battery for the iPhone 13 is $ 81. When you purchase AppleCare +, you are eligible for a free battery replacement. Each iPhone comes with a 1-year hardware warranty and up to 90 days of free phone support during the limited warranty period.

The cost of replacing the screen and rear glass, as previously reported, with an AppleCare + subscription is $ 29. However, there is a $ 98 service charge for any other damage. AppleCare + for iPhone 13 has a starting price of $ 186 in China.

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