How Xiaomi fixed a possible problem with the proximity sensor in the Xiaomi 11T?

Xiaomi has unveiled the AI ​​Virtual Proximity Sensor Inner Beauty, created in partnership with Elliptic Labs, which is used in the new Xiaomi 11T series of smartphones. The sensor, in fact, uses the AI ​​Virtual Smart Sensor Platform, which helps to use only software sensor solutions that replace or complement existing hardware sensors. It eliminates the need for a hardware proximity sensor, reducing costs. 

Xiaomi has partnered with Elliptic Labs since 2016. Previously, information emerged indicating the termination of Xiaomi's cooperation with Elliptic Labs in light of many complaints about problems with the proximity sensor on the new Xiaomi and Poco devices.

However, the artificial intelligence software company has now clarified that Xiaomi continues to use the company's solutions on a large number of smartphones, with the partnership likely to continue further.

Recall that in some Xiaomi smartphones the proximity sensor does not work correctly, while the problem has not been fixed in the Xiaomi Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro in a year. How this function will work in the Xiaomi 11T in virtual format, time will tell.

The AI ​​Virtual Smart Sensor Platform enables manufacturers to introduce new functionality without the need for hardware sensors, reducing costs and eliminating supply risks. We are confident that our AI virtual smart sensor platform will continue to deliver the savings, performance, and value that innovative partners like Xiaomi need to continue this growth. - Elliptic Labs

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