Huawei and Samsung have already removed the 5G switch from the notification bar

Last month Huawei removed the 5G switch from the notification bar of the HarmonyOS operating system. This raised questions, but the company later clarified that the latest changes are coming from network operators and not from Huawei itself.

Now, however, Samsung has done the same: The South Korean phone maker recently released a One UI software update. According to the changelog, the latest version of Samsung One UI is also removing the 5G switch from the notification bar.

Bruce Lee, president of Huawei's consumer product line, previously made a statement to that effect. As it turns out, many 5G phone users are turning off the ability to use 5G networks. However, they still have the option to enable or disable access to the 5G network in the settings at any time.

Even after the shortcut to enable 5G in the notification bar disappears, users can go to settings and choose the option to manually connect to 5G networks. This requires:

  • Open settings.
  • Go to "Connections".
  • Then select "Mobile network" >> "Network mode".

The source adds that carriers in China do not want users to actively switch from 4G to 5G, but the exact reason is not given. The changelog also mentions that Samsung has implemented these changes in accordance with the requirements of the operator CMCC (China Mobile Communications Corporation). In addition, this update also removed one app called CMCC Online Business Hall from smartphones.

Other smartphone manufacturers in China, including Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo and others, are expected to also remove the 5G shortcut from their devices' notification panels soon.

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