Huawei Freelace Lite headset with a charging life of 18 hours

The Chinese giant today revealed the Freelace Lite headset, which supports a charging life of up to 18 hours, and is launched at a price of $ 42 in the Chinese market. The Freelace Lite Wireless Headphone has a neckband and comes with a quick charge feature where the headset can be charged for 5 minutes for a charging life of up to 4 hours, while it takes 70 minutes to fully charge the headset.

The Freelace Lite headset also comes with an in-ear design with a clip surrounding the ear with a silicone design, with a 13 mm dynamic driver with magnets to connect to both sides of the headset, which supports playback pause when both sides of the headset are connected.

The Freelace Lite headset supports a low latency of 110 milliseconds for games, with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the feature of quick pairing with the EMUI 10 interface, and support for IP55 standards for water and dust resistance.

The Freelace Lite headset also comes with controls in the neckband, including 3 3D buttons, with a key that supports the user with the tasks of communication, operation, restart, or playback control, with 2 audio buttons, and the headset is scheduled to be available at a price of $ 42 and a number of 4 Choices in colors.

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