Hyundai uses Spot robot at Kia plant

As you know, Boston Dynamics was acquired by the automotive giant Hyundai Motor Group for $ 1.1 billion. Hyundai is now reporting that it has begun testing Spot robots at Kia's South Korea plant.

The press release says that Factory Safety Service Robots based on the Spot model have begun testing, but Hyundai is unlikely to have made any significant changes to the design. You can only highlight a special module located on the back. It houses additional cameras and sensors. Judging by the wording, in fact, we are talking about one copy of the robot, but this cannot be stated for sure.

As the name suggests, a robot at the Kia factory will be in charge of safety issues. More precisely, to detect risks and ensure the safety of people in industrial facilities. It is about detecting heat sources, sources of ignition, open or closed doors. The robot can work both autonomously and under the direct control of the operator. Due to its size, the robot can explore various areas that are inaccessible to humans. Also in the press release it is said that as part of the pilot project, the robot will be used at the factory and for night patrols.

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