Improved MIUI 12.5 caused problems for Poco F3 users

Xiaomi promised to start distributing improved MIUI 12.5 outside of China only in the fourth quarter of this year, but in fact the process has already started: Xiaomi Mi 11X in India and the global Poco F3 received a new shell . However, in the case of the latter, things did not go very smoothly.

According to the source, after installing the improved MIUI 12.5, many Poco F3 users are faced with frequent reboots of their smartphones. The reason is in some kind of framework, but in which one it is not yet clear. Below is a screenshot of the reboot log file of one of the Poco F3s, as you can see, the word framework is mentioned quite often in it.

As a measure to combat reboots, it is proposed to disable the automatic brightness control and memory expansion functions. However, neither Xiaomi nor Poco have yet commented on the problem itself or possible solutions to it.

Due to the identified problem, it is not recommended for Poco F3 users to install the V12.5.3.0.RKHMIXM update yet. At the same time, it is noted that it does not affect the models released for the countries of the European Economic Area, Indonesia, Turkey, Taiwan and Russia.

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