In just a quarter, global smartphone production declined by 11%

Recent outbreaks of COVID-19 in India, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries have negatively impacted the global smartphone market in terms of production and demand. This is the conclusion reached by the specialists of the analytical company TrendForce, who processed the data for the second quarter. According to their calculations, the world production of smartphones in the second quarter of this year fell by 11% compared to the previous quarter and amounted to 307 million units. This figure corresponds to an annualized growth of about 10%. In the first half of the year, a total of 652 million devices were released, which is almost 18% more than in the first half of 2020, when the pandemic was in its initial phase.

Most of all smartphones in the second quarter - 58.5 million units - were released by Samsung. However, this figure is 23.5% less than in the first quarter. With India and Vietnam accounting for most of Samsung's smartphone manufacturing capacity, the COVID-19 outbreaks in both countries in the second quarter had a significant impact on production. However, analysts are confident that this year Samsung will remain the leading smartphone manufacturer. The South Korean giant now holds 19.0% of the market, and is forecast to grow to 20.3% in the current quarter.

Oppo's smartphone production fell 6.6% to 49.5 million units, including the volumes of the Realme and OnePlus sub-brands. Xiaomi smartphones in the second quarter were released 49.5 million units, which is 2% lower than in the previous quarter. The source clarifies that the volume of production of Xiaomi includes devices of sub-brands - Redmi, POCO and Black Shark. On an annualized basis, Oppo increased production by 80%, Xiaomi - by almost 70%.

Apple iPhone smartphone production hit its lowest level in a year. Compared to the previous quarter, iPhone production fell 22.2% to about 42 million units. As a result, Apple slipped into fourth place.

With regard to global smartphone production for the entire 2021 year, TrendForce analysts have revised their previous forecast downward. If earlier they counted on growth compared to 2020 by 8.5%, to 1.36 billion pieces, now they expect an increase of 7.3%, to 1.345 billion pieces.

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