In Russia Microsoft will raise prices for Xbox consoles and accessories

Several sources immediately reported unpleasant news for those wishing to buy Xbox Series X and Series S game consoles, as well as accessories for them in Russia. Microsoft is going to raise prices, and it will happen very soon. 

First, a picture was circulated on the network showing old and new prices, and then the resource managed to get comments from representatives of retail chains and even an official statement from a Microsoft representative. 

So, the prices await us as follows: 

  • the recommended retail price of the Xbox Series X will rise from 45,590 to 49,990 rubles
  • the suggested retail price for the Xbox Series S will rise from RUB 26,990 to RUB 30,790

According to the representative, on October 1, there will be an "adjustment of the recommended retail prices for consoles and Xbox accessories in Russia." At the same time, “changes in the exchange rate” are noted as the reason for the rise in price.

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