Intel Alder Lake-S CPUs: 16 cores, a frequency of almost 5 GHz and a TDP of 35 watts

Future Intel Alder Lake processors will also be available as energy-efficient desktop models. And today we have data on all such CPUs.

A total of seven are expected. It looks like this is really the whole set, and Intel will not release any other models. For convenience, in the table, we have given data on other well-known CPUs in the line.

As you can see, some models will differ from ordinary CPUs only in frequencies, and some also by disabled small cores, which should be taken into account when buying, since in this case, the difference in performance will be greater.

According to early data, only the top Core-K models with an unlocked multiplier will enter the market at the end of this year. All other CPUs in the line will appear only at the beginning of next year.

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