Intel Core i5-12600K 10-core processor (Alder Lake) tested with DDR5-6400 MHz memory

There are  already enough tests of the top Intel processors of the new Alder Lake family on the Web , and now one of the Twitter users has published a screenshot of the test of the middle model of the series - Core i5-12600K, and even seasoned with DDR5-6400 MHz RAM. Recall that the platform on the Intel Z690 chipset supports DDR5-4800 MHz and DDR4-3200 MHz RAM. But in this case, a faster DDR5-6400 MHz was used, and it showed its speed.

If the read, write and copy speeds of DDR4-3200 MHz in the same AIDA64 are approximately 40-45 thousand MB / s, then here - 89-90 thousand MB / s for reading and writing and 77 thousand MB / s for copying ... True, the latencies of DDR5-6400 MHz are twice as high as those of DDR4-3200 MHz.

As for the processor, it was most likely tested an engineering sample of Core i5-12600K, consisting of six high-performance Golde Cove cores with a frequency of 3.7-4.9 GHz and four energy-efficient Gracemont with a frequency of up to 3.6 GHz. Since only large cores support multiple threads at once, this CPU is 16 threads.

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