Intel customers wait for the company's processors up to two weeks

It is no secret that on the video card market if we are talking about current generations, the offer of GeForce adapters is much larger than the Radeon cards. According to Mizhuno Securities, AMD also loses out on the processor market, albeit slightly differently.

The source says that Intel customers should expect shipments of the company's server processors for about one to two weeks as of July this year. But AMD customers have had to wait for the Epyc CPU for about 20 weeks! That is almost five months.

The situation is due to the congestion of TSMC and other contract semiconductor manufacturers, while Intel manufactures its processors itself.

True, in the case of specialized Nvidia accelerators, the waiting times are even higher - about 26 weeks, that is, about six months. What is the situation with AMD accelerators, the source does not specify, but hardly better.

The source believes that at least until mid-2022, the situation as a whole can remain in the same form. But we have already heard similar or even more deplorable forecasts from various companies.

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