Intel: The shortage of chips will continue next year

There are different forecasts regarding the current chip shortage. Intel's fresh opinion is that the deficit will be overcome only in 2023. The company's VP of Marketing and General Manager for EMEA, Maurits Tichelman, spoke about this in a recent interview.

Intel is facing challenges in its supply chain. Basically, we are faced with a shortage of substrates. This means that our microcircuits are not assembled. We now have silicon on our shelf that cannot be turned into a finished product.

If you look at the huge demand in the consumer market, among other things, it has been quite difficult to maintain a supply chain since last year. We have worked with all governments and have been on the priority list in most countries. This allowed us to deliver our products to our customers, as well as obtain the ingredients for our production. We expect to continue working in 2022 to balance the supply of substrates for certain products. So even in 2022, the availability of certain products will not be optimal. In 2023, we will work on this, and the deficit will be resolved.

Thus, the situation should get better next year. True, this applies directly to Intel, which is already in a better position than many other market players.

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