Intel to update boxed CPU coolers ahead of 12th Gen Core (Alder Lake) processors

It seems that Intel has realized that in order to compete more successfully with AMD in the consumer segment, it needs to offer quality box coolers for its CPUs. AMD currently has six of them, including the Wraith Ripper Cooler for top-end Threadripper processors. And they all do a good job with their responsibilities, if we are not talking about significant overclocking. In addition, several have built-in backlighting. And now Intel, it seems, is also ready to update its boxed processor coolers - just a month and a half before the announcement of the 12th generation Intel Core processors (Alder Lake) .

The photo shows three cooler options - Laminar RH1, RM1 and RS1. The first is for the top models of the Core i9 series, the second is for the CPUs of the Core i7, i5 and i3 series, the third is for the Pentium and Celeron CPUs. The Laminar RH1 and RM1 are even backlit.

It is not yet clear which processors will be equipped with these coolers (for example, not only Core 12, but also Core 11/10 can get them) and when sales start, but this step will allow Intel CPUs to become a little more attractive in the eyes of users. In addition, do not forget that Alder Lake are switching to the new LAG1700 socket, and for some it would be more convenient to buy a CPU with a complete cooler than to look for a third-party solution.

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