Intel's top-end Z690 chipset for Alder Lake processors

Details about the top chipset for Intel Alder Lake processors - Intel Z690 - have appeared on the Web. There is a lot of new here. First, the chipset simultaneously supports both DDR5-4800 MHz and DDR4-3200 MHz memory. So, in some cases, the transition to a new platform will be carried out without the need to purchase expensive DDR5 memory. Each of the channels is designed for two RAM modules.

The second piece of news concerns support for the PCIe 5 interface - it is implemented through the controller of the Alder Lake processor itself. A total of 16 lines are provided if they fall on one device, or 8 lines if there are two devices. The chipset separately provides up to 12 PCIe 4 lanes and up to 16 CPIe 3 lanes. And this is a big step up from the Rocket Lake processors. This configuration of the chipset means that the user can install up to four fast SSDs with PCIe 4 interface (12 lines of the chipset are supplemented by four lines of the processor controller) without the need for a PCIe 5 bus, which can be completely given to the video card.

The Z690 also received an updated DMI interface (DMI 4.0 instead of DMI 3.0, it accounts for 8 PCI lanes), Wi-Fi 6E / 7 support is announced. Recall that the official premiere of the Z670 and CPU Alder Lake is expected on October 27. 

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