iOS 15 broke the control of AirPods Pro headphones

IOS 15 was released earlier this week, bringing useful new features like Focus and Live Text. However, users found that iOS 15 broke the controls for AirPods Pro. Users confirm that when they try to activate Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) or Transparency mode on AirPods Pro, they receive a message from Siri that says Sorry, I can't do that.

What the hell, Apple? I know she can hear me well, but whenever I ask Siri to turn on noise-canceling, I get a response: "Sorry, I can not do this." Does anyone know why? Or even better - how to fix it? This has been one of the main features I use Siri for both iPad and iPhone. - One of the Reddit users

I came here for this. Same problem. This is essentially the only way to control the headphones, as my hands are usually dirty at work. - Another Reddit user

According to MacRumors, the bug was fixed in the beta version of iOS 15.1 released on Tuesday, but this version is for developers only. It may take several weeks for this firmware to be released.

It is also reported that iOS 15 falsely reports that "the iPhone's memory is almost full" , while they still clearly have a lot of storage space. iOS 15 turned out to be much less popular than iOS 14: a possible reason was named.

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