iOS 15 hidden feature background sounds

Apple did not talk about all the innovations in the operating system iOS 15, but users have already discovered a new feature called "Background Sounds" (Background Sounds), which will allow you to hear relaxing sounds.

You can include sounds of rain, ocean, rivers, and different types of white noise. To use the feature, go to Settings> Accessibility> Audio / Video> Background Sounds. You can also set these alarm sounds using the volume control.

Many people use white noise to help them fall asleep more easily, and some parents find their children fall asleep better and faster this way.

Last year, Apple put sound recognition on this menu. When your phone hears one of the 15 sounds you have enabled, you will see a notification. This is a great feature for the hearing impaired because the iPhone can inform the user of triggers such as fire or smoke alarms.

To access this feature, go to Settings> Accessibility> Sound Recognition> Turn On Sound Recognition.

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