iOS 15 Issue: Messages Crash May Delete Saved Photos

Apple released a new mobile operating system iOS 15, and since then, users have discovered more and more flaws in it. This time it became known about new trouble. A major crash in the Messages application may cause saved photos to be deleted. This problem has been reported on Twitter and on the forums. 

If a user saved a photo from a chat in Messages, and then deleted this conversation, then the next time the data is backed up to iCloud, the photo will be deleted, both on the smartphone and in the cloud. 

For most users, the iCloud backup function is activated and the backup is done automatically. As a result, if you regularly delete threads, your saved photos can easily disappear with iCloud backup enabled‌. 

Previously reported issues with the touchscreen, viewfinder not working and errors in the Mail app, as well as AirPods Pro control crashes, false alarms for full memory, issues with unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch. 

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