iOS 15: OS is installed on less than 20% of iPhones

Apple released a major update to its iOS 15 mobile operating system ten days ago on September 20. Recent statistics from analyst firm Mixpanel show that iPhone users are in no hurry to upgrade to the new OS. 

According to Mixpanel, the iOS 15 penetration rate reached 19.3%. Apple itself has not yet shared the relevant official statistics. The speed of transition to iOS 15 is still lagging behind last year's iOS 14. For the same 10 days last year, iOS 14 was able to gain 32.9%. 

There are several reasons for this declining popularity of iOS 15. On the one hand, Apple still continues to support iOS 14 - this OS will be able to receive important security updates. On the other hand, some of the announced features of iOS 15 are not yet available to users. On the third, iOS 15 suffers from many bugs and flaws that Apple has yet to fix.

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