iOS 15 turned out to be much less popular than iOS 14

According to analyst firm Mixpanel, the penetration rate of the operating system iOS 15 was lower than that of iOS 14 last year over the same period of time.

Apple began distributing iOS 15 on Monday night. As of Wednesday afternoon, only about 8.5% of users installed iOS 15. During the same period last year, 14.5% of users installed the operating system iOS 14.

Mixpanel measures the prevalence of different versions of iOS-based on traffic to websites and apps using its Mobile Analytics SDK, so the data is not official. Apple has not yet shared statistics on the implementation of iOS 15. The last time the company reported that iOS 14 was installed by 85% of users, back in June this year.

Earlier this year, Apple announced that iPhone users who remain on iOS 14 now have the option to continue receiving important security updates. Perhaps this change is contributing to the lower adoption rate of iOS 15 that we are seeing now.

Less than three days have passed since the release of the final versions of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, but users on social networks are already confirming that the new operating systems brought with them an unpleasant bug . A day after the release of iOS 15, the first beta of iOS 15.1 was released.

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