IPhone 12 & iPhone 13 Rear Glass Replacement Cost Reduced To $ 29

Apple today announced that “rear glass only” damage on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 is now eligible for AppleCare + repair at a reduced cost of $ 29 in the US, $ 39 in Canada, £ 25 in the UK, or the equivalent. other countries.

Prior to this change, a cracked or damaged rear glass on the iPhone 12 cost $ 99 to replace, even if the device was covered by AppleCare +.

To be eligible for a $ 29 repair, an iPhone must be AppleCare + and free of additional damage beyond a damaged back glass, such as a bent or dented case.

Apple says discounted rear window repairs are not available on models prior to the iPhone 12. More information is available on the iPhone Repair and Service page and the recently updated AppleCare + terms and conditions.

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