IPhone 13: 2 million people ordered a novelty in China

As it became known, in the Chinese online store JD.com, about 2 million people have already issued pre-orders for smartphones of the iPhone 13 line in less than two days from the moment of the announcement. Yesterday, the number of pre-orders exceeded 1 million .

This confirms that the iPhone 13 will be an unconditional bestseller, and Apple sells all smartphones that it can deliver to stores by the start of sales. Considering that pre-orders are also being carried out in other Chinese stores in parallel, the real number of people who have already ordered the iPhone 13 in China is in the millions.

It is interesting that the official acceptance of pre-orders on the Apple website in many countries of the world will start only tomorrow, while in Russia orders will begin to be accepted on September 22. IPhone 13 sales are scheduled for September 24th.

Today it became known that the older smartphones of the line, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, retained 6 GB of RAM, while the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini got 4 GB of RAM.

Immediately after the presentation of the iPhone 13 smartphones , various jokes and memes began to appear on social networks , in which users ridiculed the lack of significant innovations, the design and prices of the new Apple phones. Samsung also ridiculed the innovations that have long been present in the smartphones of the South Korean manufacturer. At the same time, representatives of large investment companies are not worried about the lack of major innovations in the iPhone 13. 

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