iPhone 13 has become a huge hit in China

The official presentation of Apple, in which the company introduced the Watch Series 7 smartwatch, a new low-cost iPad and iPhone 13, began yesterday at 8 p.m. Moscow time, and this morning the source published data on pre-orders of the iPhone 13 on the largest Chinese online platform JD. com. And this data suggests that Apple's new smartphones are an instant hit in China.

It turns out that in about 12 hours the volume of pre-orders came close to the mark of 600,000 units (582,250 at the time of writing the news source). And this is only on one online platform - in reality, the volume of pre-orders can be much higher. Apparently, in other countries, the iPhone 13 will turn out to be a hit, which means that analysts' predictions that Apple's new smartphones will be more popular than the iPhone 12 will come true.

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