IPhone 13 hit by situations in China and Vietnam

In the future, there will be a problem on the market with a shortage of iPhone 13 smartphones, and a variety of sources have reported this.

This time around, according to Nikkei News, iPhone 13 shipments will be extended due to the impact of the epidemic on Vietnam's supply chain. Due to the current serious epidemic in the country, if there is no improvement in the short term, there will be a shortage of iPhone 13 in the market. Vietnam has confirmed that the epidemic has seriously affected all sectors of the economy.

Earlier it was reported that amid power outages, many Chinese cities have issued electricity rationing notices. Several key suppliers Apple and Tesla have announced a suspension of production in China, leaving the stability of the supply chain in question. The current electricity shortage in China is caused by a shortage of coal and tightening emission requirements. A wide variety of companies have been affected.

According to Apple's official website, so far, the delivery times for various iPhone 13 models range from two weeks to a month.

Sources confirm that stores in China have already started raising prices for the iPhone 13, which is not a good sign.

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