iPhone 13 issues: build quality, dust in the camera, poor signal, red screen and so on

Many have already purchased smartphones of the iPhone 13 line and began to share their impressions. As often happens, satisfied users rarely leave rave reviews, but if a person doesn't like something, he considers it his duty to tell everyone about it.

Many users confirm that already upon unboxing the new iPhone 13, they discovered manufacturing and quality control issues. Dust particles in the chamber, under the protective glass, are often discussed.

Apart from dust, some netizens have encountered scratches on new smartphones. The Pro models have a glossy stainless steel side bezel that is relatively easy to scratch even during assembly. Scratches can affect the resale value of the device. It was also noted that if there are marks on the frame, then these may not be scratches, but glue stains, which can be removed by wiping them with a soft damp cloth.

In addition, the iPhone 13 has an issue with a loose connection between the screen and the bezel. Some netizens reported that a standard sheet of paper easily fits into the thickness gap.

After receiving the iPhone 13, many users began to complain about the weak network signal: "The iPhone 13 has a worse signal than the iPhone 12, so you have to take two mobile phones with you at the same time." There are times when a mobile phone displays a cellular signal but cannot receive messages and calls.

We have already written about the problems with artifacts in the iPhone 13 camera -  Apple said that it was not aware of the problem, although users continue to report it. In addition, some people argue that photos are blurry when taken at close range.

The iPhone 12 series had a greenish screen issue. In the generation of iPhone 13, the problem of the color tint of the screen, according to the reviews of some users, also exists, but now it is red.

Additionally, some users have stated that "dizziness and eye pain after use" may be related to the PWM used in the iPhone 13.

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